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$2.95 GUYS was founded on the ideal that for printed T-shirts, quality service did not have to mean high pricing.

This philosophy has sustained us since 1987, and our ever-expanding client base is a testimonial to this fact. With a state-of-the-art facility located in San Diego, the $2.95 GUYS have taken the doing business to the next level. Everything is done in house, so you get the best quality and the best prices. Yup. Experience a positive, upbeat way of customizing your shirts and call us!

Pictured above: CEO and President Lance “drsmooth” Beesley on the right presents Octavio Montero-Morales a 22 year dedicated employee of the company a pension dividend check at the corporate facility in Poway, California (San Diego County)

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lance beesleylance beesleylance beesleylance beesley

"drsmooth" (CEO and President)
I'm as passionate today as I was in 1987, when it all began in my tiny apartment, blocks from the Pacific Ocean. I want to make sure you have received the best quality and service in the industry. I'm very proud of our staff and what we have to offer. Whether you choose us because of our design strength, quality printing, our custom machinery that compresses shirts, or our friendly easy-going attitude, every time you call….thanks for your trust and loyalty….we all vow to treat you like family! Please e-mail me any comments that would help us serve you better.

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Our Production Team is among the most dedicated and passionate in the industry. They work to do things right the first time...check out photos of our production team in action.

jorge moralesjorge moralesjorge morales

"Holmes" (Production Manager)When Jorge arrived in 1993, he was the low man on the totem pole, cleaning screens and willing to do ANYTHING. Today he leads our tremendously talented and dedicated production staff as the "HANDS-ON MANAGER." He commands the respect of the crew and leads by example. Yet another "lifer", Jorge has repeatedly made comments such as, "This is my life and I will do ANYTHING that this company needs." That, my friends, is what passion and devotion is all about.

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johnny beifusjohnny beifus

"JB" (Graphics Art Director)
When we finally landed this industry giant in '03, we immediately shot to the top on maybe the most important department in this industry. This guy is also a "HANDS ON" director managing our in house staff and many contract artists, making sure you are matched up with the right talent. Our creative design strength (both stock and custom) puts us in another class and may be the "x" factor for why you choose us. Cool as the other side of a pillow, if you have any graphics questions, want to get his design expertise, or to find out what the fishing conditions are here in SoCal this is your guy…

dave morrison295 guys art studio

This home grown talent is the behind the scenes guy who makes sure your design will sing on the shirts…Easy going, cool, and ready for your files, send Diamond Dave what you have and let him dial you in…

If you have a question or comment you would like us to respond to, You can call us, e-mail us, or use our contact form below.

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